The HealthHIV PrEP Forum (09.10.15)

The PrEP Forum was organized by HealthHIV where different panelists, clinicians, educators, consumers and advocates, such as HIV educator and activist Damon L. Jacobs, founder of the facebook group, “PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex”, were invited to discuss the current trends about the use of PrEP.

The sessions included the following topics:

  • What is PrEP?
  • How does PrEP work?
  • Is PrEP effective?
  • Is PrEP safe?
  • Who should consider taking PrEP?
  • Patient care/testing before and while using PrEP
  • Barriers to accessing and using PrEP: Clinicians and Consumers
    • Clinicians round table
    • Consumers round table
    • Advocates round table
    • ASOs and CBOs round table
  • What other strategies for PrEP are under investigation?
  • Conclusions

This event was very informative for all attendants and we were glad that the PrEP Clinic at Andromeda was able to participate in the current national discussion about PrEP.