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Aprenda acerca de los fundamentos de la PrEP , si o no usted puede ser un buen candidato para la PrEP, y más.

Eligibility Quiz

Find out whether or not you might be a good candidate for PrEP by taking our eligibility quiz.

STI Prevention

Preventing STIs and maintaining your sexual health is dependent on more than just using condoms. Learn more about how PrEP and other strategies can help you stay STI-free.

What Should I Know About PrEP?

Do you want to know about research being done on PrEP? What myths about PrEP are out there? If your insurance might cover PrEP? Where to find out more about patient assistance? Find the answers to these questions here.


Checkout media explaining what PrEP is, how it is impacting peoples’ lives, and what the future of HIV prevention might look like.

Useful Resources

There are many great resources with more information about PrEP available. Explore which ones we think might help you.